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" the midst of winter I found there was,

within me an invincible  summer..."

Albert Camus

This was me, at dawn, on my birthday a few years ago - my birthday is in the middle of winter so it's zero degrees! Needless to say I was happy to find a semblance of summer in the vivid yellow wall and bright blue sky.

I'm a writer, photographer, folk herbalist, circus teacher, and seeker. 

I love to grow nourishing food and herbs, watch birds, create clothing, ritualise the meaningful moments of life with sacred ceremony, and just generally be awed by the beauty of this weird and wonderful world.

I also love to stretch and dangle my body - yoga, handstands, trapeze, lyra, and silks are all passions of mine. I'm very blessed to have my own circus school in the rural town in which I live - and get to stage huge theatrical productions!

I'm based in Little River, on the beautiful Banks Peninsula of Aotearoa/New Zealand, cohabitating with my partner, daughter, flock of duckers, and a menagerie of other wild creatures. I live in my perfect kind of kiwi paradise - an extensive food forest, rocky creek, and native bush with a couple of cosy cabins to shelter ourselves in.


I believe that sharing our stories is what connects us, and collectively heals us. Here I share some of my stories, and some of my life creations ...I live for the quiet, where I can truly feel the thrumming heartbeat of our natural world.


Thanks for stopping by!

Treesa Green x

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