Rose Geranium - Medicine Woman

This heavenly-scented plant has the energetic profile of the ultimate wise woman - nourishing, hydrating, and healing us, like the powerful magical and medicinal

grandmother we always wanted.

One of my first and most enduring plant love affairs is with this beauty...Rose Geranium. It's not actually a geranium, but a Pelargonium, and one of many fragrant and medicinal plants of this genus from South Africa, but it’s still best-known as a scented geranium. The flowers are quite little, but also quite showy in their sweet way, but it’s the oils on the large luscious leaves which is where the divine musky-rose scent, and the medicine, comes from. I shamefully used to think they were ‘nana’ flowers...the kind of pretty but not-useful plants that grandmothers filled their flowerbeds with! But once I learned the difference between geraniums and pelargoniums (and developed a lot more respect for grandmothers and all their garden glory!) and inhaled their heavenly scent, I was truly, madly and deeply in love.I vowed that one day I would plant them along the edges of all my pathways, so the divine aroma was released every time we brushed past them, and I could distill essential oils from their abundant growth. Now we have our own land, with many, many pathways - and we did, and we do, and I will - still waiting for our copper still to arrive! In the meantime though, I have infused this beauty in sunflower seed oil to create a Rose-Geranium Body Oil, and included it in my Heart Spark Sacred Ceremony Box in the Heart Spark Smoke Cleansing Bundle and Heart Spark Bath Tea

Once I had a collection of about 8 different varieties, but years of renting saw me feel sorry for them in pots, so they were profusely planted in my rental wake like an abundant, medicinal trail of floral, perfumey goodness!

I do currently have a luscious peppermint, an ailing lemon, and an oak leaf cutting I’m nurturing dearly! But my Rose Geranium is doing pretty good. Well, one of them is going great guns, the other (a mere half a metre away) is looking much smaller, and kinda yellow (why?!). Rose Geranium is associated with the planet Venus, and the element of water, which may give you a clue to its energetic properties: beauty, love, lust, desire, heart-opening and expanding...unlike the rose, though, the profile of the rose-geranium scent is muskier, deeper, more earthy and grounded in our physical bodies; thus it promotes a more mature love, the kind of self-love and self-acceptance that comes with the wisdom of age, and it inspires a ripeness of sexuality and desire that can only come with the support of the deep, undying wisdom of the mothers of the earth. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks highly valued Geranium essential oil for it's beautifying properties, but also to treat infection - it's magic and medicine has been used for centuries. ️Physically, some of the properties are related to it's energetic profile: healing, hydrating and toning mature skin; assisting with women's wellness - both menstruation and menopause difficulties can be aided with the help of this gorgeous plant, so too, can the anxiety of labour and childbirth be eased. Hence why I call her a medicine woman! She has lots of other medicinal functions too; her astringent, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties make her a very handy medicine to have in the home. Studies link positive outcomes for nerve pain, skin issues and neuro-degenerative diseases, for instance. One of the best attributes of this plant, though, is her general hardiness - she requires little water, can handle a good haircut and keeps growing through all seasons. Her abundance, coupled with her musky aroma, gives a not so subtle clue as to her appeal as an aphrodisiac! I'm looking forward to receiving our copper still later this month and producing some of our own. Have you had a love affair with Rose Geranium?

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