Sweet Violet at Winter Solstice

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Viola Odorata

Mostly associated with spring, their sweet faces and fresh, green, love heart leaves have been popping up everywhere at our place these past few weeks. I am reminded that the seasons do not have dramatic endings and beginnings where we live, but overlap each other like some kind of continuous, rolling, ecological orgy...all on top of and underneath each other, blending their bodies and melding their medicine, in spite of our insistence that, much like violets, they should stay in their own beds!

I am thankful to see Miss Violet’s sweet self creeping out of the darkest days of winter, though. I sense violet as similar to that of the Bach Flower energetic profile - she beholds the energy of aloneness, loneliness, solitary moments, sweet sleep and blessed relief. She eases headaches and tension, softens the heart, soothes the soul and helps us to reconnect to our loved ones when our autonomy has become extreme.

This is me to a tee, in the midst of winter. The low-lying, winter light is too bright in my eyes and my head becomes tight. Though I love lots of alone time and quiet moments, wintertime takes it to an unhealthy extreme and I feel homesick for sunny, soul connections. I sleep and I sleep...but there is no blessed relief from that incessant mental momentum to keep doing, creating, striving and driving. With joints sticking and bones brittling from the brrrr...I am duly disheartened in the dullness of winter.

Violet’s sweet purple faces and gentle scent reminds me that now is the time of resurrection. Winter solstice is the time of rebirth and returning to the light - she calls forth this lightness in our hearts, so that we don’t get lost in the deep, dark green of winter's embrace. She encourages us to remember the sweetness of life, in these small pockets of the forest, in these small wafts of her perfume, in these small moments of the dreary days.

Her medicine goes deep; like the deep purple and green of her botanical self, she journeys deep into our lungs and our hearts, to restore our breath and our joy. With her quietly creeping roots, she slowly wends her way into the darkest pockets of our malaise and infuses these stagnated spaces with her chartreuse and violet light. She is wise, little and lithe, her ways are the ways of the solitary witch and the sage….with both ancient awareness and the fecundity of the forest she balances the old and the new - the dark and the light, the coming and going...autonomous versus allied. Her sweet self brings the love, the light and the life.

Violet’s winter leaves are of the liveliest green and her floral hue is literally violaceous - and it is this voluptuous lushness that I wish into my life in wintertime. I created the lightest violet face serum, and tonight will drink of her, and her heart-connected kawakawa tea. I have smothered my bed in a chunky, woollen crochet spread, and crafted a thick winter cloak in those exact hues - I will be intimately infused with, and well-wrapped in, my amethyst amour tonight.

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