Heart Spark Bath Tea Jar

Heart Spark Bath Tea Jar


Our Heart Spark Sacred Selection is crafted from home-grown and sustainably harvested flowers and herbs specifically blended to amplify the energies of love, desire, beauty, and joy in your life.


If you seek to enhance your heartspace, magnify your magnetism, or attract all forms of love and beauty in your world, then this blend is your friend.


Cleanse away obstacles and impurities and soften into sensuality with this sacred soak blend; soothing epsom salts, voluptuous coconut milk powder* to increase attraction, soft and sultry rose petals, rose-geranium for deepening desire, heady hibiscus* to induce lust and a tiny spark of native kanuka to keep the love grounded in earthy healing.

Add a reusable bath tea bag to your order; you can just rinse and refill the bag, which keeps the messy herbs out of your bath!

Perfectly complemented by our Heart Spark Body Oil (individual bottles coming soon), Heart Spark Smoke Cleansing Bundle or for a full ritual kit check out our Heart Spark Sacred Ceremony Box.


*Hibiscus and Coconut Milk Powder sourced from a local supplier.

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