HEART - Heart Spark Sacred Ceremony Box

HEART - Heart Spark Sacred Ceremony Box

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If you seek to enhance your heartspace, magnify your magnetism, or attract all forms of love and beauty in your world, then this blend is your friend.


These Sacred Ceremony Packs are crafted for the purpose of cleansing, nourishing, protecting and preparing YOU for the act and art of ritual - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Designed to align and focus your energy and intent, these herbal collections will help you to center YOUR story, and by that I mean, re-center YOUR soul, in your magical workings, because what our life, and our magic, and our communities need, is for each of us to be in our full power – our minds and our hearts clear, our bodies rested and refreshed and our senses heightened so that we can embody that acute awareness of our infinite universal connection.

These sacred ceremony selections contain everything you need to empower and embolden yourself to bring forth your unique gifts -because the magic is in you!


Our Heart Spark Sacred Selection is entirely crafted from home-grown and sustainably-harvested herbs specifically blended to amplify the energies of love, desire, beauty and joy in your life. All herbs were sown, harvested, bundled and infused in accord with the lunar and seasonal cycles - these products took nine months to come to fruition - from sowing in August 2020 to launching on the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, May 2021.


Clear. Cleanse. Deepen. Integrate.
Burn the herbal smoke bundle to clear your space, cleanse your body with our nourishing bath tea, then deepen your awareness with our anointing oil. Perform your ceremony of choice (maybe meditate, sacrifice emotional debris in a sacred fire, craft a creation, read oracle cards, or inscribe your intentions on a leaf), offer the gifts of gratitude and then integrate the illumination attained in the following days with a daily dose of herbal tincture.




This box contains:

*Heart Spark Body Oil 100ml (Rose-Geranium Pelargonium and Calendula infused in Sunflower Oil)
RRP $25

*Heart Spark Bath Tea (Rose Petals, Rose-Geranium Pelargonium, Hibiscus*, Coconut Milk Powder*, Epsom Salts - in a reusable cotton drawstring bag)
RRP $4.50
*Hawthorn Tincture (Hawthorn Berries and Leaves Extracted in 40% Alcohol)

RRP $18.50
*Heart Spark Herbal Smoke Bundle (Applewood, Rose, Rose-Geranium Pelargonium, Catmint, Kanuka)
RRP $15
*Gifts of Gratitude (Acorns, Rose Petals, Hawthorn Berry Branch & Rose-Geranium Pelargonium Leaves)

Total Value is $63


*Ingredients with asterisk sourced from alternative supplier

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