Kotuku Greeting Card

Kotuku Greeting Card

SKU: 0004

Kotuku - our native white heron in flight, photographed in Little River, on the Banks Peninsula of New Zealand.

These birds are a rare sight with only about 30 breeding pairs in existence. Each spring they gather near the remote Okarito Lagoon in the wild Westland to breed, then they disperse to estuaries and harbours far and wide over the South Island. 

This is a blank greeting card featuring my digital photography of our native white heron/kotuku.
The image repeats on the back of the card, and documents the English and Maori names of the bird.

The card is made from 100% recycled white 300gsm card, the envelope is custom made of 100% recycled white 100gsm paper. The curved corners are hand-trimmed. The card measures 130mm square.

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