Six Card Pack - Nature Photos

Six Card Pack - Nature Photos

SKU: 0007

A six-pack of Greeting Cards featuring my digital photography of flora and fauna around my hometown and wild garden in Little River, on the Banks Peninsula of New Zealand.

Fairy Inkcap Mushrooms, White Kakabeak blooms, Kotuku/White Heron in flight, Succulent, Ti Kouka/Cabbage Tree flowers and a Hawthorn tree branch.

The photo's either wraparound or repeat on the back, and document the name of the species featured. Made from 100% recycled card in 300gsm matte stock, and the envelopes are made from 100% recycled paper in 100gsm matte stock.The curved corners are hand trimmed and the pack will come bundled together in natural twine.

You can receive one of each image or tailor the images to your choosing - write your choices in the notes of the order.

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