Soul Seeker Bath Tea Jar

Soul Seeker Bath Tea Jar


Our Soul Seeker Sacred Selection Bath Tea is crafted from home-grown and sustainably harvested herbs specifically blended to aid and invoke a deep-dive into the depths of your psyche for insight, illumination & self-realization.

If you seek to engage with your ancestors, amplify your dreamlife and sharpen your soul’s purpose on Earth, then this blend is your friend.

Cleanse away obstacles and impurities and sharpen your psychic senses with this sacred soak blend; deeply relaxing lavender to enhance connection and receptivity, wise yarrow to inspire courage, activate warrior energy and enhance divination, visionary blue lotus* to access higher realms and activate lucid dreams with sunny calendula to enlist the aid of your ancestors and cultivate strength on your journey.


Add a reusable bath tea bag to your order; you can just rinse and refill the bag, which keeps the messy herbs out of your bath!

A great complement to our Soul Seeker Body Oil, Soul Seeker Smoke Cleansing Bundle, and comes in our full ritual pack, the Soul Seeker Sacred Ceremony Box.

*Blue Lotus sourced from a local supplier.

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