Thyme Out Bath Tea Jar

Thyme Out Bath Tea Jar


Our Thyme Out Sacred Selection is crafted from home-grown and sustainably harvested herbs specifically blended to invoke serious protection, purification and letting go.

If you seek to release grief, clear your place, establish yourself as a sacred space, or protect from or ward off negativity, then this blend is your friend.

Cleanse away obstacles, impurities, and ailments with this powerful blend of banishing herbs in a soothing epsom salt base; emboldening canary balm (balm of gilead), grief-releasing juniper berries*, restorative peppermint geranium for a soft and gentle letting go, and sweet lemon balm to refresh and nurture.


Add a reusable bath tea bag to your order; you can just rinse and refill the bag, which keeps the messy herbs out of your bath!


*Juniper Berries sourced from a reputed NZ supplier.




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