Thyme Out Body Oil

Thyme Out Body Oil

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Our Thyme Out Sacred Selection is crafted from home-grown and sustainably harvested herbs specifically blended to invoke serious protection, purification and letting go.


If you seek to release grief, clear your place, establish yourself as a sacred space, or protect from/ward off negativity, then this blend is your friend.

Deepen into the release of grief or trauma, and forge a personally protective field with this powerful anointing oil, a blend of cleansing and healing home-grown herbs infused in sunflower oil from the autumn equinox to the following full moon; purifying and resilient rosemary with the sweet, soothing affinities of violet, infused in delicate grapeseed oil, to support you on this solitary journey, and sunny calendula, to soothe the skin and inspire post-catharsis calm.

Thyme Out Body Oil is complemented by our Thyme Out Bath Tea and our Hawthorn Tincture - an internal medicine to strengthen the heart physically and energetically, heal heartache and powerfully protect.

Massage from the feet up to, but not including, the face to draw on the grounding and protective powers of Mother Earth.


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